Bigger, Faster Photos

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Bigger, Faster Photos

Post by Josh on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:23 pm

With over 250 million photos uploaded each day, sharing pictures is one of the most popular activities on Facebook. We are constantly working on making Facebook Photos better and today we're introducing some improvements to the way you experience photos.

Bigger Photos, Faster Loading

Now, the photos you share on Facebook are bigger (720 pixels to 960 pixels) and load twice as fast, giving you quicker access to more detailed images. Photos you've already uploaded to your profile will also be displayed at this higher resolution.

Focus on the Photo

After we launched the first version of the photo viewer earlier this year, we received feedback from many of you and have made changes based on it. Today, we are rolling out a more streamlined photo viewer that features a cleaner interface that makes it even easier to enjoy your photos. The light box is now set against a simple white background that puts more of the focus on the photo, and less on the surrounding frame.

These new features will be gradually rolling out to everyone over the next few days.

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