private facebook messages, email, and dates?

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private facebook messages, email, and dates?

Post by jtwdyp on Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:20 pm

I don't use facebook much. But there are a few people I care about who are hard to reach any other way... Case in point: I recently sent a private facebook message to my daughter. (At least that's what I think I did. I clicked on her friend link to get to her timeline. clicked on message, the compose box opened with her name in the "to" field...)

She replied a few minutes later.

But she seemed to think I was upset about some photo she had posted... So I replied to put her mind at ease...

All that occurred on Thu Mar 7 2013, and none of it showed up in my email even though I set it to forward personal messages to my email a long time ago...

Then I had breakfast, did a few chores, and checked my e-mail.

I had an e-mail from facebook containing her next reply to the last message I'd sent. But it was dated for Wed Mar 6 2013 {the day before}?

Does facebook take it's message date field from the sending devices system time?

Then I went back to facebook for something, and found that the reply I got in my email wasn't in my facebook messages yet...

If my daughter let Facebook set her up with one of those integrated facebook email accounts, would she be able to select sending the reply to an facebook message to my email instead of the facebook messages?

And since the only email notification I have turned off is "pokes" Why wouldn't I get her earlier posts to the same message conversation via my email?


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