Frequently Asked Questions about The Social Networking Forum

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Social Networking Forum

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:29 am

Getting Started Guide

How do I register?

Click on the Register button on the navigation bar at the top of the forum. Scroll down and click the I agree to these terms button. Then, fill out the required information, password, and CAPTCHA, and your account will be created and ready to be used.

What are "Posts" and how to I make them?

n a Topic you wish to leave a reply in, scroll down and near the end of the page you'll see the writing box. Write your message in it and then click on Send. Alternatively, you may also click the button, located on the left corner of both the beginning of the topic and the end. If you wish to edit your own posts, find the post and then click on . Please note that you are only able to edit your posts for 7 days after being posted.

How do I make a New Topic?

In order to make a new thread/topic, go the correct section (For example, if you need to talk about Pet Society, go to Pet Society Section of this forum). Then, click on Write an appropriate title, description, & body, then hit the Send button.

How do I change my avatar (the picture that shows on your profile and posts)?

Click on the Account button at the top and then the Profile Picture Settings submenu. If the picture is located on your disk, click Select File button. If it's already hosted on a webpage, paste the link on the Upload an avatar from an URL field.

How do I change my signature and how do I attach it to my messages?

Click the Account button at the top, and then the Privacy Settings sebmenu. Select Yes for the Always attach my signature field. After that, click on the Signature tab, and write anything you want using BBcode.
Please note that you need at least ten (10) posts in order to be able to display a signature. This restriction has been placed in order to help cut down on the amount of spam.

How can I chat with other members? / How do I use the Forum's built-in chatbox?

Click on the "Chat" button located on the bottom right of your screen, then on "Log in". Please note that the chat button may not appear on all pages. If you cannot see them on any pages, please update your web browser to the latest version available.

What are PM's and VM's?

PM - Private Message. Only you and the person who you send it to will be able to read it. You need at least 5 public posts to send PM's.
VM - Visitor Message. These are similar to Facebook's Wall Posts.

How do I send a private message (PM)?

Click on Inbox, then the button, write the name of the recipient, a title and a body, and hit Send.
Alternatively, you can click the button below a member's profile to send him/her a PM.

What's that green bar below my profile?

That's your Warning Bar. It shows you how many infractions you have. Every time you break a rule, it will be lowered by a Moderator/Administrator. Once you reach 4 infractions, you will be banned for a period of time as decided by a Moderator.

- You have 0 infractions

- You have 1 infraction

- You have 2 infractions

- You have 3 infractions

- Your account has been disabled and you no longer have access to the forum

Your warning bar can only be decreased with good behaviour, as well as being active.

If you get an infraction without being told, please PM a Moderator/Administrator for more information.

I don't want to get anymore emails from Facebook Forum. How can I do this?

Click the Account button, select the Privacy Settings submenu and choose No for Allow Newsletters.

How do I give reputation to someone?

Facebook Forum has a Like/Dislike system, similar to Facebook's. If you like somebody's post, click the icon right above his/her profile picture. The button will disappear and you'll see a green bar instead. If you dislike someone's post, click the one. The bar will be red.
Please note that you only like and dislike posts every 3 minutes, for spam reasons.

How do I get "FBF Credits" and and what can I spend them on?

FBF Credits are earned by making topics and posts. When you make a new topic you get 3 FBF Credits and for every post you get 1 FBF Credit; for every new added friend and wall post on your Wall you get 5 FBF Credits. Those can be spent on our Facebook Forum Shoppe, with things you can buy ranging from graphics to username changes.
Please note that FBF Credits and Facebook credits are different; they are completely separate and are not related in any way.

How do I change my FBF status?

You'll notice a "Status" field below some people's posts.
You can make your own by clicking the Account button, then Account Settings, FBF Profile, Status.

What are Admins and Mods?

Admins (Administrators) are the people in charge of managing the forum. They make changes, updates, etc. and also manage the FBF Shoppe.
Mods (Moderators) and Global Moderators are in charge of keeping the forum clean from spam, flood, forbidden content, etc.
Please go here for a link of the current forum Admins and Moderators.

What are "Deactivated Users"?

Deactivated users are members who had been banned for disrespecting the Rules. These bans may or may not be permanent; see their profile field's "Staff Note" for more information.

How can I contact a Moderator/Administrator?

Simply fill out the Contact form. Do not use this form for support queries; these will be ignored. Instead, post such problems in the correct category of the forum.
Alternatively, if you wish to contact a specific Administrator/Moderator, go to our Staff page and select the appropriate one to PM.

Someone is misusing the chatbox, can I report him/her?

Absolutely, please fill out the Chatbox Reports form. A staff member will review it and take appropriate action.

Your question not listed above? Post it here and it will be answered by a Mod/Admin as soon as possible.

The Facebook Forum Team

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions about The Social Networking Forum

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions about The Social Networking Forum

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions about The Social Networking Forum

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions about The Social Networking Forum

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