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Re: hacking

Post by Ruby on Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:44 pm

This ( and other posts) was originally posted in the Main Section of this forum ; the other posts like this have been removed to a Private area for 'discussion

I am returning this post to the Main section as a hopeful warning to anyone who seeks to Hack an account

So...someone had the audacity to Hack your Facebook account and you seek to take revenge on them?

You thus reduce yourself to their unscrupulous level of criminality and deviousness and create yet more mayhem and problems to add to those already out there!!

You also seek to drag this forum into the realms of being criminals, getting the forum and its staff in trouble with the Law...but maybe that is what you seek??

This individual got banned without further ado and so will anyone else who seeks to gain help with Hacking

What is also of concern is how many of you read the other two posts about seeking to Hack but did nothing about it?

No one bothered to Report it and one may wonder why.....

Extracts from Forum Rules
Knowledge of these rules and reading are your responsibility. Upon entry into Facebook Forum, you hereby agree and acknowledge the rules of this forum as mentioned below. All members to this forum are subject to the rules posted. If, at any time, any of the standards described are not met, the staff reserves the right to intervene and take necessary action in accordance with each case. These rules are valid and binding for the entire forum

Right of Admission Reserved (ROAR) - The Facebook Forum reserves its right of admission; we have the power to ban any member for any reason deemed necessary. This mostly applies for spammers, troublemakers, hackers, and scammers. Such users are not welcome at this forum and will be banned without any further notice

Section A - Article 4- Version 1.0: International Law Agreement:
This forum meets international law; we prohibit link uploads, postings and/or content page promotions of the following types:

- Hacking, cracking, network attacks, phishing, malware or bank fraud;
- Pornography, hentai, pedophilia or sexual strength;
- Defamatory, violent, discriminatory (racial, sexist, etc.) content;
- Sale and / or OTC exchange, sale or exchange of drugs or other illicit substances.

If you are not a moderator, please do not moderate members or tell them what to do. If you feel a member is violating the Forum's rules, please consult one of the staff members instead. This can be done by either PMing a staff member or reporting the posts in question.

Those are the main points from the Forum Rules ;

If you see a request anywhere on forum for help with Hacking , please do not ignore it or assume Staff know about..press the Report tab and staff will deal with it

We will gladly help you if you seek help to reclaim your Facebook account if it has been hacked but...anyone who seeks for help to actually Hack a Facebook account??? Do not bother as your post and Membership of this forum will cease promptly

You have been warned !!!

Ultimate SN Fan

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Re: hacking

Post by Ruby on Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:02 pm

Remains as a deterant and warning for those who may seek to Hack an account and draw this forum into such 'activity Pissed '

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Re: hacking

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