Bear bile Farming

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Bear bile Farming

Post by Ruby on Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:11 pm

Quote from Sunday Express 19th Feb 2012; UK edition


AS she clasped her cub tightly to her chest, the mother bear offered no affection or reassurance, just mercy. She strengthened her grip until the lifeless cub dropped to the floor, suffocated to save it from a life of hell.

Her agonising decision was born out of desperation. She and her cub had been imprisoned on a run-down farm in China where their bile was to be painfully milked from them each day to make traditional medicine.

According to a worker, the bear had burst out of her cage, enraged by her cub’s anguished cries.

Despite her powerful jaws she was unable to bite through its chains so she hugged it until its life ebbed away. Facing a life of torture, she then ran into a wall head-first, killing herself.

The heartbreaking account, told to animal welfare campaigners last August, is far from unique. As many as 20,000 black bears are kept on sim­ilar farms across Asia, penned into coffin-like cages unable to move.

Today the Sunday Express appeals to readers to help end this barbaric practice. China is the biggest offender and is yet to outlaw this cruel trade, which sees bears having a steel tube or catheter implanted in their abdomen or a permanent hole drilled into their stomach to extract the bile.

I have had to quote from the article as the google search links to too many ads etc

If you put in a search for 'Bear bile' into Google images you may hopefully have your eyes ( and heart) opened to the plight of these defenceless creatures who are exploited for ..what?

Peter Skinner, MEP for the South East, also gave his backing. He said: “Too many people are exploiting these bears and making their lives a misery in order to make money. We need to work with the Chinese in securing an end to these practices.”

As reported in the Sunday Express, the highly prized bear bile is used as a traditional Chinese remedy to treat a wide variety of ailments, including hangovers and liver complaints.

Medicinal products containing bear bile are on sale across Asia and in traditional Chinese pharmacies in America, Europe and, shamefully, Britain.

The digestive juice contains high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid which, when ground into powder, is thought to prevent gallstones, improve eyesight and stimulate energy.

Due to contaminated surgery many bears end up with liver, stomach and gall bladder cancer. A report last month found that some of the medicinal bile could contain cancer-causing substances.

Campaigner Joanna Lumley said: “Bear farming is cruel and unnecessary. Traditional doctors and associations are endorsing herbal and synthetic alternatives, a world of harmony and respect between people and animals, which I am proud to support.”

Despite the dangers, the trade makes about £6million a year, although even the Chinese people are beginning to wake up to the horrors of bear bile farms, helping to soften the Government’s reluctance to impose a ban.

Plans by a Chinese company that makes medicines from bear bile to become publicly listed drew a storm of protest last week. Thousands in the increasingly affluent country signed a petition denouncing the move by Guizhentang Pharmaceuticals, which keeps 470 bears but hopes to increase that to 1,200.

Authorities in China work with welfare groups like Animals Asia to save bears from a life of suffering. Jasper, one of the first bears to be rescued in 2002, suffered 15 years of misery, crushed into a tiny cage with little natural light. He now lives happily at Animals Asia’s rescue sanctuary.

Animals Asia’s founder, Jill Robinson, said: “It is so encouraging to see so many people in China against this awful torture. There is growing hope it may come to an end soon.”

Last year Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne promised to raise the British people’s concerns with the governments of China and Korea.

Chris Gee, captive bear campaign manager for the World Society for the Protection of Animals, said: “Vietnam has banned bear bile sales and is phasing out bear farming. South Korea is currently working on plans so that they can end bear farming.

“Animal welfare organisations stand ready to work with Asian governments to try to help them to end this cruel and unnecessary practice.”

I ask you to research in your own country's search engines , read up about this terrible practice and do what you can to stop it

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Re: Bear bile Farming

Post by Ruby on Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:40 pm

This barbaric 'practice' still sadly continues and we see people go though Airports with products that contain bear bile ; their products are confiscated and tehy are fined Videos of bear bile farming

Would you like to be confined in a cage where you cannot stand up properly, nor turn round and your whole 24 hours are spend getting prodded by those who 'extract' the bile under non- sanitary conditions and there is nothing in this world you can do to stop the abuse of your body Sad

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