"The Secret Agent Scavengers"

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New 'game ' for checking out maybe?

Post by wirelessjewelguy on Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:58 pm

Hiya everyone. welcome My name is Steve and am new here. I am in the process of creating an one-of-a-kind game on Facebook. I would like to invite everyone to check it out. It is called "The Secret Agent Scavengers". It is an online scavenger hunt where players have to hunt for items, places, etc. either online or in their own home or neighborhood.

What makes it one-of-a-kind you ask? It's actually not an app. It's a FB game that actually consists of a FB fan page and a FB group page that are linked together. There is no need to worry about your FB wall being cluttered with game messages from your friends and no need to recruit "neighbors" which are two things that a lot of people find annoying. Those two things won't be found in my game.

The game involves going to the main game page and picking a "mission". The "mission" will involve finding an item in real life or a place in any neighborhood or the world using Google Earth. There may even be a clue or riddle to figure out. Then the player will post a picture or video of their "find" on the main game page for everyone to see. Players will have to use their imaginations when providing their "intrepretation" of the "answer". "Virtual" (not real) prizes and awards. There will be additionals features also such as group chat where you can chat online with your fellow players. Other features are being planned.

It's still a "work-in-progress" that is set to be complete and officially launch on Saturday, October 8th. The launch will launch with "The Great Columbus Day Weekend Google Earth Scavenger Hunt", a 3-day hunt taking place in Google Earth.

Everyone is invited to participate in "The Great Columbus Day Weekend Google Earth Scavenger Hunt" and invited to join "The Secret Agent Scavengers". The links are below. Please keep in mind that the pages are under construction as I prepare the pages for the launch. Everything will be ready (and fun) by Saturday, October 8th. I promise. I will continue to keep you guys updated her as features are added and to keep you updated with my progress. I will also answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to sign up by "Liking" the fan page and joining the group page. All members will be kept updated. Please don't hesitate to join before the official launch as the launch (and the Columbus Day weekend hunt) may be delayed if there are not enough members by then.

"The Secret Agent Scavengers" main page: *unable to post for 7 days because I'm a new member here. Will post ASAP. In the meantime, enter "The Secret Agent Scavengers" in the FB search box. So sorry.*

I hope you enjoy it and spread the word about it. And thank you for being patient while I complete the game pages. I look forward to hanging out with you guys here on these fabulous forums. I will help you guys with your pages also in return.

Thank you.
Steven Johnson Very Happy

*Unable to post links for 7 days because of being a new member. Will post links ASAP. In the meantime just copy and paste the web addresses. So sorry.*
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Re: "The Secret Agent Scavengers"

Post by Ruby on Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:25 am

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What Disclaimers will you be offering for this apparently on line 'game'?

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